Wonder Remedies For Curing Constipation At Home

Constipation does not come of its own. You extend the cordial invitation to it by your wrong life style habits. It is more about wrong intake of food without understanding how the human mechanism functions.

Fortunately though there are many time tested home remedies to treat constipation. But before you begin with these remedies, you are required to learn to identify the symptoms of constipation on time.

Well, constipation makes its presence felt in many parts of your body. You may feel heaviness and pain in the stomach, tongue mucus coat accompanied with loss of appetite, wind formation, fever and hypertension, drowsiness and palpitation.

“Your food is your grave,” goes the wise saying. Eating at all the times without rhyme or reason leads to constipation. So you are always advised to add lots of vegetables and salads in your diet as it is easy to digest and prevents constipation.

The other mind level causes are late night sleeping, emotional disturbance due to worry, fear and stress.

Such disturbances in your lifestyle will only hamper the inner mechanism of the body and hamper the easy passage of stools. They may stimulate the nervous system in excess and result in concentration of toxins within the body.

Next, consuming excess of tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol, you will only add fuel to the fire. These elements worsen the situation.

The home remedies for constipation are simple and direct. Mix 2 tspns of caster oil in the warm milk and take it before going to bed. This will help easy evacuation in the morning. This works wondrous in the severe cases.

Immediately after waking up, eat one liter of warm water and walk around. Or, alternatively drink warm water mixed with lemon juice. You can also take two spoonfuls of aloe gel twice a day. The good results will be seen soon.

The master remedy for constipation is the Ayurvedic one. It is known as Trifala Churna. It is the mixture of powders of three types of herbs in specified proportions. You need to take it along with warm water or milk at the time of going to bed.

The home remedy that you will take will lose much of its effectiveness unless you take certain preventive measures. Pay special attention to your diet. It should be easily digestible.

The emphasis is how to conceive a girl irs tax debt again on fruits, vegetables and salads. Don’t take stale food. Chew the food thoroughly. Unless you are hungry don’t eat. Maintain a gap of at least 4 hours between the meals. Also, it is proper time for you to consider about certain physical exercises. See that you get sound sleep and this is possible by the overall discipline that you are going to implement in your lifestyle.

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