The Importance of Pressure Gauges in Everyday Operations

In various industries around the world, you will find pressure gauge being used as a common component in operations. WIKA instrument LP has brought some of the greatest innovations in pressure gauges and their quality is also top notch due to which many industries prefer using their pressure gauges . WIKA pressure gauge due to such reasons is considered as the expert of pressure gauges used in many industries and has many applications. 

Pressure gauges consisting of bourdon tubes are the most common detectors of pressure used. They are produced in a cost-effective manner and have competitive advantages. Pressure gauges are a critical component of many processing systems. In order to help prevent accidents in everyday operations, it is very important for the gauge to be reliable, accurate, and easy to read.  Such failures can cost you a lot of money, waste production, and can even put the lives of workers in danger. Therefore, it is highly important to make sure that the pressure gauges are constructed and tested with extreme care. 

Pressure Gauge Failure

Pressure gauges also known as pressure checkers have many applications in different industries and are designed to measure the pressure from solids, liquids, gases, vapors, oils etc. pressure gauges can fail due to the volatile nature of the sources. Therefore, to prevent such failures and accidents it is important to keep a check of pressure instruments on a daily basis. 

Working Principle of Pressure Gauge

The working principle of pressure gauges is based on Hooke’s law which states that the pressure that is needed to either compress or expand a spring scale in a straightforward manner in relation to the distance of extension or compression. There are two types of pressures in this case: inner and outer. So, whenever you apply pressure on the object’s surface it will be majorly on the inner side because of the less surface area. Bourdon pressure gauges function on this principle and they are widely used in many industries. 

Other than bourdon gauges, digital pressure gauges are more commonly used. In digital gauges the AC and DC current sources play a critical role. The switching system converts AC into DC. Then after the pressure is measured it will be transferred to the sensor diaphragm which will detect the sensor on the basis of the type of current that it received. Digital gauges are recognized by a small LCD display. 

Types of Pressure Gauges

The following are the types of pressure gauges and their applications.

Commercial Pressure Gauge

Commercial gauges are best for general purpose applications that you will typically find in refrigeration, HVAC, ventilation, in food beverage industries. They are also used for OEM and end user applications. WIKA pressure gauge has a line of commercial gauges that will fulfill all your requirements. 

Industrial Pressure Gauges

An industrial pressure gauge is a stainless-steel gauge that is designed for industries such as the oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, chemical manufacturing, and mobile hydraulics. Such types of gauges are used in media that will not clog the system. 

Low Pressure Gauges

Low pressure gauges are reasonable for destructive conditions and vaporous or fluid media that won’t block the tension framework. WIKA’s low pressure checks are reasonable for synthetic, petrochemical, plant development, pneumatic frameworks and cleanrooms.

Process Pressure Gauges

Process pressure gauge protects processes from extreme environmental conditions. Oil, gas, and petrochemical industries usually have intense environments and the pressure of systems need to be kept in check at all times. WIKA pressure gauge has a line of extensive process pressure gauge that is highly effective for many applications in such stated industries. 

High Precision Test Gauge

High precision test gauges are mostly manufactured to be used in calibration and testing laboratories. These gauges are high in accuracy and are best suited for corrosive and many industrial applications. Mostly used in control panels, in process industry applications, with gas or liquid media that will not cause any blockages in the system hence the system goes on smoothly without interruptions.

Differential and Duplex Gauges

Differential measures and duplex strain checks are intended for the oil and gas, elective fills, compound, HVAC, refrigeration and air handling businesses. Differential tension and duplex strain checks are for estimating two applied tensions; high and low strain and static process pressures. WIKA’s differential and duplex gauges are appropriate for destructive conditions with fluid or vaporous media, cryogenic gases and when division of media is required.

Absolute Pressure Gauges

Absolute pressure gauges measure pressure in absolute amounts and are free of any barometric pressure variations. They are used in the monitoring process of condensation and vapor pressures of liquids. WIKA pressure gauge provides some of the best quality absolute gauges that gives you the definite pressure measure without any variability in the results. 

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