Toys to Avoid in Order to Protect Your Child’s Vision

Without a doubt, both children and adults like discovering and playing with new toys. Toys are popular among children because they are entertaining! Playing with toys is their way of learning skills that will help them in the real world. Parents must encourage their children to play in order to properly raise them. However, some toys that appear to be a lot of fun can offer a substantial danger of eye injury. Toys might potentially pose a significant risk. It’s difficult to believe that a simple children’s toy might inflict injury, yet accidents can happen. Instead, I prefer organic baby toys online.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about a quarter of a million children are treated in hospital emergency departments across the country each year due to toy-related accidents. Avoid Blindness According to the United States, approximately 11,000 children suffer from toy-related eye injuries each year. Almost half of these injuries are to the head and face, with many including eye injuries. These eye injuries can range from a minor corneal abrasion (scratch on the eye surface) to far more serious injuries including a traumatic cataract, corneal ulcer, or retinal tear or detachment.

What can you do to protect your child’s eyes?

Each year, the following toys are responsible for the most eye-related injuries among children. Begin by supervising your child while he or she is playing with one of the following toys, which are known to cause eye injuries.

1. Toy Weapons

Any toy that fires or propels a small projectile has the potential to inflict substantial eye damage. Sharp edges on lightsabers, wands, and swords can cause eye injuries. Dart guns, paintball guns, BB guns, and airsoft rifles fire items that can result in lacerations, increased eye pressure, cataracts, and vision loss. You might believe that these soft projectiles offer little danger, but toy guns of this type can shoot up to 75 feet, and the darts move at speeds fast enough to inflict significant eye injury – especially when used at close range inside. Toy weapons for children are never safe, so avoid acquiring them. If you buy any toy that could be used as a weapon, accompany the gift with proper eye protection and require that your child wear the safety glasses when using the toy.

2. Toys That Launch Water Balloons

Water balloons can cause major eye injuries, resulting in retinal detachment and permanent vision loss. Even toy weapons that fire a jet of water can cause serious eye damage when used at close range.

3. Toy Sporting Equipment

Every year, sports cause a large number of eye injuries in children. If your child participates in sports, they must wear suitable eye protection. Eye injuries are widespread in sports including basketball, baseball, and racquet sports. Sports-related eye injuries can be blunt, penetrating, or radiation. If you acquire sports equipment or gear for your child, be sure he or she is wearing sufficient eye and head protection. Always supervise your child outside during practise and playtime, and do not allow sporting equipment to be brought inside.

4. Toy Swords, Wands, and Fishing Poles

Young children may not have the finest control over long things like toy swords, wands, or fishing poles. When an object is attached to the end of such a toy, the danger of eye injury increases. Don’t be surprised at how easily the end of a lengthy object might wind up in a playmate’s eye!

5. Fireworks

Adults should be the only ones who use explosive devices. Fireworks are commonly misunderstood by children. Even minor explosions near the eye can result in severe injuries and burns. If your child must put off fireworks, insist on the use of protective eyewear or safety goggles at all times.

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