Rimless Back To Wall Toilet UK

Is Rimless Back To Wall Toilet UK Better Choice than Traditional Ones?

The Rimless Back To Wall Toilet UK is becoming increasingly a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms. Although toilets are among the most used fixtures in the bathrooms, they are often ignored for bathroom makeovers. Many people don’t realize that toilets are among such fixtures that can play a vital role in the overall comfort of bathroom usage and aesthetics. There were only a few variations of standard toilets that resembled today’s close coupled toilets in the past. These were a good fit for every bathroom and served the purpose. That’s why they became so much popular that you see them in most spaces even today. However, with time people realized different problems related to aesthetics, maintenance, and comfort in these designs. It was since people became more concerned about these issues over time. So, the Manufacturer’s introduced more designs and styles to address homeowners’ needs.

Among them back to wall type is loved by anyone who wants a cleaner look and an efficient toilet. In this article, we are going to explore whether these are a better choice than the traditional toilets?

Rimless Back To Wall ToiletRimless Back To Wall Toilet UK – Design and Shape

The Rimless Back to Wall Toilet UK has a unique design in that the cistern remains hidden from the eyes. The toilet pan sits on the floor, while the cistern can either be inside the wall or in the WC unit. So, in comparison to the traditional close coupled toilet, it offers a cleaner look with a minimalist impact on the overall space available in the bathroom. In addition to that, you don’t have any pipework visible, adding it its aesthetics and functionality. 

Rimless Back To Wall Toilet UK – Difference from Traditional Toilet

Having just a single glaze on these types of toilets will make you realize that there is a huge difference between the traditional and BTW types of toilets. The traditional toilets have everything from flush tank to pipework remain visible depending on the type you install. Therefore, such toilets take a lot more space in the bathroom. So, for the toilets where space is premium, these are not a better choice. At the same time, btw toilets can be an ultimate space saver due to their flush tank and pipework being concealed in the wall or WC.

Back to wall toilet in ukWhy the Rimless Back To Wall Toilet UK Are a Better Choice?

There are following reasons that Back to Wall Toilets UK are as follows.

  • Space-Saving Design.  The space is a big issue for most of the bathrooms in the UK. Therefore, you need a space-saving solution. BTW the toilet is your top choice in this situation as it will have minimum impact on the space available in the bathroom. So, whether a cloakroom or a small space where due to any reason you can not go for a wall-hung design, btw can be an ultimate space saver designer for you. 
  1. Contemporary Look.  Nowadays, everyone is after the contemporary look. However, to create such a look, you will have fixtures that coordinate well with each other and offer a minimalist look. Compared to the traditional close coupled toilet, btw is among such designs that offer on-trend contemporary designs that will be perfect for your modern-looking bathroom. 
  2. Easier Maintenance.  With btw type toilets, you have the flexibility of choice in the toilet pan. So., we recommend choosing a rimless pan that will make maintenance a lot easier. In addition to that, when you install this type of toilet, it can be easier to maintain and keep clean. It is because you only have a toilet pan visible that will require maintenance. 

The Verdict. 

There is no doubt that btw toilet is a great choice for your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and want a space-saving option, it can be a great option for you. However, the toilet choice will depend on your specific requirements. You should consider your budget, available space, and aesthetic needs are the decisive factors. 

Looking For Rimless Back To Wall Toilet UK in Your Bathroom?

In this article, we have explained why the Back to Wall Toilets UK a better choice for your bathroom can be. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of fittings and fixtures available at a lower price on our website. You can visit our website to get the best deals for your bathroom makeover needs. 

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