What type of paintings should be used in the office?

It has been widely researched and then stipulated that art in and around the office helps all service sector business to attract more customers and all employees in the firm to address main hurdles such as dealing with stress, encouraging creative thinking and open-mindedness in opinions. Paintings and artwork in a place of work offers a short break to the breadwinners form their mundane activities as they push forward into the day, they can have a glimpse of the art to remind them to ponder creatively and it also sets the premise for the mood and culture that’s being promoted in the office. It also makes an awesome conversation starter for visitors and leaves a long-lasting impression on them. When chosen and personalised carefully the artwork of the office can be an excellent way to depict the personality of the company and can help build brand name and trust. No matter the side of the painting for home decoration is a healthy investment. 

Custom painted walls are fairly common in big companies that understand the importance of artwork spread around the workplace. But this is only possible when the art is pre planned in the décor and when there is already a theme based on the company and its workaround philosophy. The culture and message that has to be communicated should be pre planned and for a big office with multiple room where you want incorporate a lot of paintings it’s preferable to have a theme pre-planned and have all the paintings set in accordance to that since there are a lot of elongated horizontal walls a series of artwork set on the same theme. 

Importance of Office Wall Paintings

Offices are the hub of people coming from all backgrounds and religion, culture and cases so it’s smart to have neutral and unprovocative artwork so as to not hurt the sentiments of anyone working or visiting there. Motivational and modern art with focused energy and positive colours are best suited. When it comes to colour, most companies have a specific colour scheme going through their brand.  make sure to incorporate that through the art. 

Although being and amazing way to nonverbally communicate with the employees along with the customers, misplaced or carelessly placed artwork might be distracting and might become a visual sore to the eyes so it’s crucial to figure the right spot for the painting and visualise the environment beforehand. 

Large canvas paintings best suite public area such as the café where as more serious environments such as the conference or meeting rooms might appreciate the work of more sophisticated and intriguing art. And sometimes minimal and simple paintings make the best us of the idle and inactive zones. 

Many offices incorporate graphic design and art along with their logo plus corporate colours to add their personalised touch and style to their interiors, but when every other small-scale business does it just for the sake of doing it the corporate logo comes off too redundant and rudimentary. This is another reason why art must be welcomed inside the walls of corporate offices and everyday business offices to create a comfortable and friendly work environment and a pleasant experience for the customer. 

Why Office Paintings are attractive?

If you are selecting the theme first and are really encouraged to include artwork into the décor of your office then spent some time carefully selecting the exact artwork for every space. Some ideas to incorporate paintings in office décor include commissioning a medium sized or a couple of small-scale pieces for meeting rooms and conference rooms as you want the people present to be focused on a particular topic not deviating their attention the paintings must be uninvolved and light, more as a background element than a focal point of the room.

For example, of the company is sustainable and pro environment then a picture of a forest or a landscape would communicate the green philosophies, passion and modern ideas engaged by the company. This in turns gives the entire office a life of its own that portrays itself and acts as its own form of speech and expression. 

Alternatively, if your shop or business is located in the outskirts of a city then glorify the natures beauty and elevating the moods and spirits of the people in the facility. The placement of the artwork needs to be visible but not redundant, in places like a conference or presentation rooms with rectangular design, the longer walls should be used to hang art and motivational quotes while the narrower parts of the room is best for holding attention during presentations and briefing. Abstract art works well in these rooms as they make the greatest conversation starter and helps understanding each others point of view, share perspective along with testing anyone’s ability to think or create more freely. 

Public area such as the corridors, stairways, break rooms, cafes etc are places around the office that requires to be eccentric and lively all the while radiating energy and motivation so pick an artwork that is lively, high spirited and filled with energy Big Size Paintings

Provide colours and add contrast that work well in accordance with the energetic vibe of the spaces, large canvas art and murals adds a healthy and wholesome vibe adding a creative touch and lively décor they make small spaces appear larger and make large spaces seem more welcoming and comfortable. These artworks and graffiti based on a theme can be well experimented with and thought out. Graphic art suites best according to many interior decorators as it gives them the freedom to play around with shape form and colour.
For these are numerous other reasons we at vibe crafts have collected artwork with significance from around the world where you are positive to fulfil the empty walls and the need for a better atmosphere filled with colours and art in your place of work would be replenished.

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