How to get a health care provider number?

With technology the way it is today, you are usually able to find any number with the doctor. You just have to go online and type in the name of the doctor you are looking for information from. You should usually be able to get the official website of the healthcare company, where you can find the phone number. There are also other sites that can help you find the numbers listed below.


1 Log online to a search engine. Some examples are as follows in the “Resources” section. Write down the health care provider that you want to find information about.

2 Click on the site where it says, “the official site of …” Here, you have to click on “Contact Us” to find the provider’s phone number.

3 Log into a website from the phone number finder. There is an example shown below.

4 Select a location and a buisness type or name and press Search. You will then receive a results page for your search. Choose the one that is right for you.

5 If you can’t use the Internet, don’t worry. You just have to choose a phone book and find your healthcare professional in there. Seek medical attention and then search by company name or doctor to find the number you need.

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