The advantages of a salvage title

The price is correct

There is a big and obvious “pro” here: you can save a lot of money. If frugal is your middle name, this is, of course, your main reason for buying a salvage vehicle. Salvages are relatively cheap, sometimes selling for pennies on the dollar. And you can see the potential where no one else does.3

That potential comes in two ways: First, you may want that salvage vehicle because it is a treasure trove of aftermarket parts, and many car enthusiasts buy salvage cars just for that reason; Second, you may want to repair the vehicle to use it as a cheap means of transportation, especially if you have the desire and / or the means to repair cars cheaply.

You could be lucky

While in most cases insurers add vehicles up because they cannot be repaired after an accident, there is a chance that the insurance company simply did not look closely enough at the car damage before making its decision.

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