Do you know what is the danger of having rodents at home?

Rather than being repulsive and unpleasant animals that can even scare us,  rats transmit bacteria and germs that are very harmful to human health . Likewise, they are carriers of fleas, lice and mites, which undoubtedly makes them animals that carry serious diseases for us.
Diseases are transmitted by contamination of the environment and food.

Even the feces and dried urine of rats when inhaled are a considerable danger to human health. Keep in mind that rats in one night can deposit between 50 and 80 balls of excrement in their path. So, when you notice their presence, you must act immediately.

There are dangerous diseases such as typhus, salmonella or typhoid that are contracted through the droppings of rats. It may seem unlikely, but if there are rats in the house, it will be very easy for you or your family to be in contact with contaminated areas.

Likewise, when you find a rat and it attacks you in its defense, you must prevent it from coming into contact with you and especially its bite, since its saliva is a source of very serious diseases and  can lead to an infection.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a problem with rats, we are professionals and our mission is to give you all the information and a quality service to eradicate the presence of rats at home.

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