Are you an absolute car enthusiast? Test yourself right now!

You may be a car owner or a driver, but how well do you know the beast you have been riding? This article might be the universal way of blessing you with the knowledge of automobiles that people are either too embarrassed to ask or get things wrong most of the time.

Test your knowledge of auto mechanics and see what to look out for with this game of true or false.

Question # 1 – How do the wheels of a car rotate?

When the vehicle is moving, all 4 wheels rotate differently. Therefore, the rubber does not wear out evenly.

Answer – True.

Question # 2 – When to change the oil in the car?

Regardless of whether the car is new or not, an oil change must be carried out every 5000 km.

Answer – False.

Question #3 – Why do we need car radiators?

Automotive radiators function as heat exchangers and cool the engine by circulating coolant through the engine block.

Answer – True.

Question #4 – How does the generator work?

The generator generates electricity to charge the battery and ensure the stable operation of the vehicle’s electrical equipment.

Answer – True

Question #5 – What is RPM?

RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute. Used to measure the speed of a vehicle’s wheels in one minute.

Answer – False.

Question #6 – What is antifreeze?

Antifreeze is a chemical that lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point, thus protecting the engine and radiator from rust, corrosion and overheating.

Answer – True.

Question #7 – Does the number of cuts affect handling?

Spark plugs are found in most vehicles. The more candles you install on your car, the faster it will go.

Answer – False.

Question #8 – When to change the brake pads?

By replacing the brake pads every 25,000 km, your car’s braking system will always work perfectly.

Answer – False.

Question #9 – Is it time to change the car?

When the “Engine” light comes on on your car’s dashboard, it means that the engine is outdated and needs to be replaced.

Answer – False.

Question #10 – How does the air filter work?

The air filter cleans the incoming airflow, providing clean air to the engine.

Answer – True.

Question #11 – Do tyres matter?

Always ensure your ride is equipped with the corresponding tyres. For example, suppose you own a van; one suitable fit would be the Falken LINAM VAN01.

Answer – True

Question #12 – What are the components of the exhaust system?

The exhaust system consists of a manifold, an exhaust pipe, a catalytic converter, a muffler and a muffler outlet pipe.

Answer – True.

Question #13 – Does tyre pressure matter?

Tyre pressure is a crucial point that should not be neglected for many reasons. One of them is a direct relationship with fuel consumption. Tyre pressure also tells you how long it should last.

Answer – True.

Question #14: Should I check the condition of the car in advance every single time?

By regularly checking tyre pressures, tread wear, fluid levels and battery health, you can identify a potential problem early on, rather than waiting for it to result in a dangerous road accident. Many also advise adhering to the maintenance schedule indicated in the instructions of the manufacturer of your car to protect yourself as much as possible from possible problems.

Answer – True.

Safety advice

Please note: In case of an inspection, keep in mind that the inspector has no right to touch things. He can only look at them. Otherwise, his actions will fall under the article “Personal inspection, an inspection of things held by an individual.” Such actions are drawn up in a separate protocol, while the inspector must justify the necessity of his actions.

Please note: if you ever get to a point where the inspectors get to your car or conduct a personal search, do not touch anything yourself, even if you see an item that does not belong to you. Also, when leaving the vehicle, always take the keys with you and put them on the alarm.

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