Essentials of essay writing

Composition Writing or specifically essay writing becomes a very important aspect of a student’s life right from the moment he or he learns his grammar rules and the basic parts of speech. And thereafter it continues till eternity.

 One may say that his field is not academic, therefore he is not concerned with writing essay but that is not the case. At each point in your life you are writing something or the other.

 Be it writing a report or your diary and unconsciously you obey the rules of essay writing that you had learnt, while doing the same. Essays serve the purpose of analyzing a student’s critical and analytical ability and to closely examine his flair for writing.

 They become the mode of experimentation of your grammar rules that you learnt as a child. The task does not end here. They serve the purpose of polishing your skills and to develop them as well.

 Through this piece of writing, a student is able to convey to others, his though process and his ideas. Thus, it becomes very important to learn how to write a well-structured and a well-organized essay which is grammatically correct. 

As there are several types of essays, so there are several essentials of writing an essay that help you convey your thoughts clearly:

  • Introduction or the Topical Sentence: 

The introduction to your essay should be such that grabs your reader’s attention within seconds. People tend to get disinterested in reading a piece of writing if the writer is not able to convey his thoughts clearly. 


Therefore, one must make it a point to introduce the topic in the introduction as well. Don’t beat about the bush. Introduction should be short and crisp and an attention seeking one. For this you may use famous quotes or line of poetry related to the topic or begin by asking a question to the readers or quoting an incident that has a close relation to the topic.

  • Main Body: 

This is the area where you can go on to elaborate on your topic and put forth your supporting ideas, facts and figures. 


This area holds a very important position in the essay writing field because this is what contains the essence of your topic. 


Experts offering essay writing services pay a good deed of attention on this portion and make full use of it by highlighting every supporting information related to your topic.

  • Conclusion: 

Experts offering essay writing services put a good effort in working upon this area. Their essays clearly highlight its importance. The conclusion to an essay must sum up all the points mentioned before, in the main body. 


A reiteration of the important points becomes essential because that is what sticks the same point in the reader’s mind giving him a clear picture of your topic and your perspective towards it.


 Conclusion does not have to be a lengthy one. Just sum up your arguments and convey your final idea to the readers.

  • Structure of the Essay: 

A good essay contains the three above mentioned elements, that is, an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. 


Whereas the introduction and conclusion can be of one paragraph each your main body can have three to four paragraphs depending upon the length of the essay and the content you have.

  • Format:

 Although this remains same for all the essays but the content for all may differ. For example, an argumentative essay may have a different content than a descriptive or narrative one. 

  • Grammar:

 This becomes the most important aspect of essay writing. Grammar rules must always be kept in mind while writing an essay. Following these rules offers you essay writing help plus makes your essay more credible and attractive.


 People tend to value the essay written with correct spellings and grammar because such an essay is free form errors.

  • Vocabulary:

 Another very essential feature of essay writing, your vocabulary makes your content look more beautiful and credible. The way you use different words at different places, attracts the readers. 

An icing in the cake becomes the use of phrasal verbs and idioms that convey to the readers that the person who has written the essay has immense knowledge and experience, and the reader would become more bent towards reading your work.

 But remember, however good your vocabulary is, your essay should be easily understandable and interpretable to the intended audience. For example, if you are aiming the teenage audience, it becomes important that you use more simple words and less ornamental language.

  • Drafts: 

Although very less people use this technique, but it is an important one. While you write your essay, make it a point to list down the points intended to be written in the essay, in the form of a rough draft.

 Before you go on to fair it out, rearrange the points so that the structure remains intact. What happens when we do not use this method is that we get a number of points on our essay which are not arranged in a logical manner. Our mind continues to have a thought on the topic we are working upon and in such a case we put these points here and there. There abrupt appearance in the flow of sentences disturbs the point that is being conveyed and in turn the structure of the essay too.

 Remember you are writing on a sheet of paper and not on a computer or phone that you can edit when and where you like. 

Thus, these were a few essentials of writing an essay, that can be followed while we are working on any sort of essay. Essays may have different content but the format remains same and these points may offer students essay writing help so that they excel in their work. 

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