What is difference Mirrorless camera Vs single-lens reflex camera.

Generally, there are three types of digital cameras on the market, depending on their function and shape. Compact digital cameras (mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (from now on Mirrorless Camera), and digital single-lens reflex cameras (from now on single-lens reflex cameras). Many of you know these names, but can you answer the difference?

For example, what if your wife or son asks you this question when buying a camera? “What is a digital camera other than a point-and-shoot?” “What is the difference between a mirrorless camera and a single-lens reflex camera?” What do

Do you explain? In this article, we will explain the differences between the three types of cameras and introduce recommended cameras by type to answer accurately in such cases.

What is the difference between a point-and-shoot and a mirrorless / single-lens reflex camera? Can the lens be replaced?

The difference between a point-and-shoot and the other two, a mirrorless camera and a single-lens reflex camera, is whether or not it can replace the camera lens. Lenses cannot be exchanged for point-and-shoot cameras, but lenses can be exchanged for mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. If you want to take detailed pictures, you need to change the lens to suit your situation. There are various types of lenses, including wide-angle lenses that are versatile, telephoto lenses that are suitable for wild birds and astronomical photography, macro lenses that capture small objects, and so on. If you are particular about photography, you should carry around various lenses and use them properly.

If you are a beginner in photography and want to buy a mirrorless / single-lens reflex camera, buy a lens that you can use for almighty. It’s a good idea to increase the types of lenses after your skills have improved and you want to be more particular about photography.

Difference between Mirrorless Camera and single-lens reflex camera-A: Is there a reflector?

The difference between the same interchangeable lens Camera and the single-lens reflex camera is the presence or absence. A single-lens reflex camera has a mirror box in the center of the camera body and a reflector inside it. Mirrorless, as the name implies, refers to a camera without this mirror.

The role of the reflector is to reflect light inside the camera optimally. The photographer looks through the viewfinder to see the real image reflected in the mirror. Since the subject can be captured as a real image when shooting, it has the advantage of being easy to capture a photo opportunity. The mirrorless camera is smaller and lighter by projecting the subject on the LCD screen without using this reflector, making it easier to carry. On the other hand, because it passes through the LCD screen, it is harder to seize a photo opportunity than a single-lens reflex camera that sees a real image.

Also, looking at the small differences, in the case of mirrorless cameras, there are restrictions on the image sensor and interchangeable lens that determine the image quality. Image high-quality sensor, the higher the image quality. Even with mirrorless cameras, some of the latest models are already equipped with a full-size image sensor, but some are only compatible with smaller ones. In addition, only a limited number of lenses can replace, so those who want to stick to photography may not be satisfied.

Which camera would you recommend? Camera selection by the user

Now that we’ve talked about the differences between cameras, let’s look at the types of users right for each camera.


We recommend point-and-shoots for those who want to take pictures easily while seeking a higher rank than smartphones. The advantage of a point-and-shoot is that it fits in your pocket and is easy to carry. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to carry a mirrorless Camera or single-lens reflex camera that requires lens replacement. In addition, compared to the camera built into the smartphone, it has more optical zoom, super zoom lens and macro shooting functions, making it a great success when traveling or at events.

[Mirrorless Camera]

Mirrorless is recommended for those who want to take attractive pictures or start with a camera as a hobby. As mentioned earlier, mirrorless cameras have interchangeable lenses and can take high-quality and elaborate pictures depending on the application. In addition, it is smaller and lighter than a single-lens reflex camera, so it is easy to carry around, and depending on the application, you do not have to carry a lens with you. It is recommended that women take pictures as a hobby, as many female talents are appointed when looking at mirrorless commercials.

[Single-lens reflex camera]

Single-lens reflex cameras are recommended for those who want to master photography like professionals and those who like the camera itself. SLR cameras are generally more versatile than mirrorless cameras, and there are almost no restrictions on compatible lenses and image sensors. Others say that the sense of unity with the camera when capturing the subject through the viewfinder is attractive. It’s perfect for those who want to master the camera and add color to their photos.

With this, the basics of digital cameras are perfect!

Point-and-shoot, mirrorless, single-lens reflex camera. Did you understand the difference between the three types of digital cameras? This time, I introduced the basic part of the difference between digital cameras, so I think it will be especially useful for those who want to start choosing a camera from now on.

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