Best Places to Visit in Goa in Summer

Best places to visit Goa can come with its own advantages like hefty discounts on accommodation and activities. You will see a smaller number of tourists as summers are generally not a peak season and hence you can enjoy your vacation in solitude if you can handle a bit of humidity.

Even visiting some places on a sunny day in Goa can be turned into something memorable.


Dudhsagar Fall:


Dudhsagar Falls with its literal meaning ‘Sea of Milk’ stands tall at 1017 ft and is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Embedded between western ghats, it almost looks milky white with its steep ascent.

It is one of the popular attractions among the tourists which is glorified even more in the monsoon and summer when the beauty of the fall is at its peak with lush green ghats. However, trekking would be your only option as jeep safari are not available in the rainy season.

The cool breeze from the falls is enough to make all the effects of the scorching sun melt away.


Calangute Beach:


A go-to place for every tourist the moment they reach Goa due to its popularity in nightlife events and the party vibe. Often referred to as ‘Queen of the Beaches’, this beach expands up to seven kilometres and it is one of the largest beaches in Asia.

As it is on everyone’s bucket list, you will find good accommodation options near Calangute Beach. This beach in North Goa is a favourite hotspot for international and domestic tourists alike all around the year.

Even the summers cannot stop the 24×7 going extravaganza party on this beach and you can enjoy the beach in the evening.


Dona Paula:


One of the popular tourist attractions, Dona Paula is situated 7 km away from Panaji. Famous for its vast stretch of beach also known as lover’s Paradise with tourist lodges and rows of vendors adjacent to it also known as Jetty.

The jetty provides a view of the mesmerizing Arabian Sea and Mormugao harbour.

You can even see the meeting point of two rivers- Zuari and Mandovi from Dona Paula Beach.


Grande Island:


The Grande Island or Ilha Grao is located in South Goa and is accessible by ferry rides from Panaji. It is the most sought-after tourist spot in Goa and it is popular for its water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and dolphin watching.

The beach is surrounded by crystal clear blue water and a calming environment. While diving you can encounter turtles, dolphins and colourful coral reefs. You can even rent a boat for fishing and sometimes spot dolphins from your boat.

The water sports activities make this island a pleasant stay in the month of summer.



The Basilica of Bom Jesus:


Constructed during Portuguese rule, The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church is one of the oldest churches in India. Bom Jesus meaning Holy Jesus is listed under the UNESCO world heritage site.

The architecture of the church depicts Baroque in Goa, with its carved pillar and really high altar. The interior is made keeping in mind the Mosaico-Corinthian style of monument. You can take a look at the modern art gallery adjoining the Basilica.



Club Cabana:


Club Cabana near Anjuna in North Goa is a delight to all the party and music lovers. With the backdrop of Arpora hills, the festive vibes of this roof club are one of their kind in Goa.

Indulge in activities and music alongside a pool or taste the Goan cuisine. The outdoor terrace with its great view of landscape atop the hill, club Cabana attracts tourists from all over the world. The regular performances keep the place lively.





One of the easiest ways to beat the heat is sailing over on a cruise for a day and just savour the elegant stay. You can choose from the many cruises available in Goa and spend your time. From an exquisite luxury cruise to a fun-packed adventurous cruise, Goa can fulfil everyone’s wishes.

You can even opt for a sunset cruise which will take you to the beauty of the Goa beaches. Personal cruises are also available to spend your vacation with your family and friends in privacy and luxury.


You can also visit the famous beaches in the evening when the weather is comparatively pleasant like Baga beach, Palolem beach and Arambol beach. Visit the flea market for reasonably priced shopping in the offseason or even get that relaxing ayurvedic Spa.

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