7 Common Dental Problems Invisalign Braces Can Fix

With its introduction, Invisalign braces becomes outstanding and popular treatment to help the people with dental problems. It incorporates them to get beautiful and healthy smile. It makes use of removable and clear plastic aligner to straighten the teeth of the patients in nearly invisible and convenient way.

In contrast to conventional braces, it is quite comfortable and assists the patients to achieve the desired smile fast. The treatment comprises of putting on plastic and clear aligner for long hours. As it is nearly invisible you can put them without tension of being noticed.

Also cleaning is easy and you can have any foods you want. During having so, you have to remove it. However, before taking this brace you should check for its eligibility as not every problem is fixable using it. Continue reading this blog post to know 7 dental problems Invisalign fix easily.

  1. Crooked teeth

Usually people opt for Invisalign to have straight teeth. By straightening the teeth you can give a major transformation to your smile. It boosts your confidence level and you won’t feel shy again to smile and laugh in public. So, if you have slight crooked teeth then undergo Invisalign treatment today!

  1. Overbite

Being known as overjet, this is a sort of dental complexity in which upper teeth overlap lower teeth. It only takes place for the front teeth. Slight overbite is fine but over time it will definitely affect the appearance of the patient.

By leaving it untreated for long you are actually promoting the lower teeth to wear. It triggers the gum issue letting you to experience jaw pain. Invisalign is highly effective in fixing an overbite! Just arrange the consultation with the orthodontist.

  1. Underbite

Underbite is completely opposite to that of overbite. When lower jaw teeth become larger than upper ones they overlap one another causing underbite. Often it accompanies with jaw and joint pain.

Besides wearing of the teeth it interferes with speaking and chewing ability of the individual. When you develop this sort of dental problem Invisalign can provide the best help. So, visit an Invisalign dentist to enjoy your healthy and quality life with improved oral health.

  1. Open bite

If lower and upper teeth never meet during closing the mouth it leads to open bite. This condition is quite common in adults and kids who always bite on pen, pencil or pacifiers. Not only it affects the appearance but also you will face biting on foods troublesome. Sometimes it can result in cracking of back teeth and lisp too. But Invisalign is highly efficacious in accounting this problem.

  1. Cross bite

At closing position of teeth if upper teeth fall inside the lower teeth then you have crossbite. Both back and front crossbite is possible on the basis of which teeth have affected. It can happen due to trauma, loss of baby teeth prematurely and declined oral hygiene.

Crossbite can lead to permanent facial structure change when you want the compensation by moving the jaw to either side. It can impact jaw growth accompanied by chipping and wearing. However, Invisalign can fix a crossbite perfectly along with other oral problems. 

  1. Gappy teeth

In case you have gaps within the teeth then find out the solution to fix it right away! Additional spaces within the teeth affect the smile badly apart from gum health. You can opt for Invisalign braces for gap teeth to fix it.

Otherwise, it can trap food debris emitting bad breath with development of gum diseases. Progressively it will close those gaps restoring your overall oral health and smile by perfectly aligning them.

  1. Crowded teeth

Many times teeth overlap, twisted and push each other. It mainly happens when there is lack of space in the mouth for accommodation of teeth. As a result they bunch up together rather than even spreading.

Flossing and brushing is difficult on crowded teeth influencing the development of plaque and bacteria. When you face the issue visit the dentist to fix it on an earliest note. Don’t delay just to experience any problem.


Invisalign is an outstanding option to straight teeth while addressing at number of oral problems at the same time. In case of any of the stated issue schedule an appointment with your nearest dental clinic for Invisalign in London.

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