How Can Organization Readiness Assessment Help You Stay Prepared During A Change?

An organizational readiness assessment is a measurement of an organization’s preparedness to undergo a significant change or take on an important new project. You do not want to jump into a substantial change or project without knowing if your organization has the required resources to accomplish it effectively.

Conducting a readiness assessment gives you the knowledge and assurance that your organization’s proposed endeavor will be victorious if you decide to go ahead and do it. It can also save your organization’s reputation by enabling you to avoid a high-profile failure for involving in a project you were not ready to accomplish.

A readiness assessment usually helps you assess the following:

  • Project goals and objectives
  • Leadership support of the project
  • Expectations and concerns
  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Project governance and decision making
  • Ways to minimize potential project failure
  • Other critical project needs

It Helps you Address Potential Project Failures

This type of assessment also allows your organization to address any potential issues before they become major difficulties as you move forward on the proposed project. This is essential because it will save your organization time and money, improving the profitability of the change if the change is a new project you are taking on.

It Helps you Address Changes with Employees

An organizational readiness assessment enables you to address every aspect of the change with your employees to determine if they are ready and have the ability & resources to do their part in it. This is another way to understand how an assessment is a smart move.

Being kept in the loop and involved with what the organization is doing will make your staff feel more valued, increasing their investment in the proposed project and motivating them to want to do their part well.

Why Should a Third-party Create your Readiness Assessment?

A readiness assessment for an organization is a checklist that is usually custom-made based on the current situation at your organization, the parameters, and the requirements of the project you intend to pursue.

A third-party auditing company like KW Productions is the best choice to create an organizational readiness assessment for you. The company will be able to look at your organization and the proposed project objectively, without having the attachment to it that you and your staff, which could get in the way of a practical assessment.

The third-party auditor will look at your organization’s resources and the project’s requirements and use the data to prepare a custom checklist for your organization. Your auditor will also conduct the assessment for you, using the checklist designed by them, providing you with a comprehensive report of their findings, and consult with you on the results and their suggestions regarding them.

What can an Organizational Readiness Assessment do for Your Organization?

A good readiness assessment involves having good organizational programs and readiness for the change or project. These are the precursors of quality improvement that are achieved when your organization feels like it is ready to make a significant change, alter the current way of doing things, take on a large, restructure the business, and an important new project for a client. Therefore, the first indication of organizational readiness is your organization’s willingness to alter your current set of practices to be more compatible with the needs of the change.

Your professionally developed organizational readiness assessment will help you pinpoint:

  • Your available business resources,
  • The characteristics of your staff,
  • The areas in which your organization has to improve to take on a new project and make it a success.

How to Use your Organization Readiness Assessment?

The outcomes of an organizational assessment will give you the additional benefit of identifying your organization’s strengths, especially the things that will be the most vital assets for you in your proposed change.

Lastly, your organizational readiness assessment will enable you to know whether your organization meets the requirements to consider the change or project you have at your disposal. Suppose you do not have the requirements now. In that case, the assessment will let you know what you need to acquire. It will also let you learn if there are any changes you need to make to make the proposed project (change) a successful one that your organization can truly accomplish.

Are you Looking to have a Readiness Assessment Completed?

Suppose your organization is considering making a significant change to its structure or the way it does business or is trying to determine if a proposed new project is something it can actually take on. In that case, an organizational readiness assessment is an effective tool for you.

KW Productions will come to your organization and create a custom organizational readiness assessment checklist, then consult with you on the outcomes and what they mean. They will also advise you on what you need to do to prepare your organization if it is determined not to be when the assessment is done. Your organization has goals to become better, more profitable. Taking on significant changes and projects can make this happen for you. 

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