Why Do Some People Choose Traditional Braces Not to Wear Clear Braces?

If you are one of the Traditional Braces many people consider the advantages of clear braces. (Especially with Invisalign clear aligners) One question you might consider at least on some points is: Why would anyone decide not to use clear aligners?

In fact, wearing braces at any age is not an easy decision. Unless the teeth are in a situation where braces are not worn, they can cause serious problems later on. Wearing braces usually takes years. And it is one of the most obvious beauty treatments.

Although most braces are not uncomfortable. But most people agree that if they don’t have braces The mouth will feel more comfortable. which is not difficult to understand for most people Two important advantages of wearing clear braces are that Traditional Braces to metal or wire braces The first is almost invisible, so unless someone carefully observes your teeth. They are unlikely to know that you are wearing braces. A second benefit of wearing invisible braces (such as those made by Invisalign) is that the time required for braces is greatly reduced.

in general, Anyone who chooses to have standard braces will want them to last at least two years. Clear braces usually only last a few months. which is a real advantage Therefore, Invisalign aligners are virtually impossible to detect and only need to be worn for a short period of time. The third advantage is that the end result is often more accurate and reliable. This is because traditional braces are more or less dependent on professional guesswork and intuition. While Invisalign braces are computer-designed using advanced 3D modeling and virtual simulation of your teeth.

With all these advantages Are there any reasons why people would choose not to use clear braces or invisible braces? The answer is yes, of course, some points need to be considered very important. And invisible braces don’t really suit everyone. If you are considering installing invisible braces It is important that you are not only aware of the many benefits that braces have to offer in terms of appearance. Convenience, accuracy, and overall time frameset. But also understand the difficulty, limitations, and some possibilities. make some people hesitate to ask

For example, when using conventional braces You will need to install and visit your dentist several times in two to three years. You will wear braces. Using invisible braces or clear braces requires a visit to the doctor every two weeks for the entire duration. Each time you get a new set of braces to replace the old one. Each set of braces is slightly different from the previous one in that it applies even pressure in the right way. This is because each Invisalign is an additional step in the computerized planning process to achieve the final alignment of the teeth.

Of course, this is a promise to keep in mind. But it’s also important to keep in mind that braces require more self-control than traditional orthodontics. why is it like this You can remove Invisalign aligners yourself at any time. Different from traditional orthodontics Although this is a good thing to offer more flexibility. But it takes a lot of self-control and commitment to ensure that transparent braces are worn for at least 23 hours every 24 hours, otherwise, there is a real risk of not having braces anymore. The process may need to be restarted.

How Are Invisalign Aligners and Conventional Braces?

Invisalign is synonymous with braces and teeth alignment. Many people have expressed interest in clear or clear aligners designed and manufactured by Invisalign. These clear aligners are available from nationally recognized dentists. Whether or not you’ve heard of Invisalign clear braces or not, the concept of invisible braces should interest anyone considering braces. How to straighten teeth effectively?

Of course, the idea of ​​keeping your teeth neat and straight is tempting. But usually, the idea of ​​wearing braces or braces that are very large and clear is not very attractive. Of course, any solution that removes visible braces is a good solution. But will there be some form of payback at some stage? Are invisible braces as effective as conventional braces? Have they achieved the same level of success? They take longer to complete the orthodontic process. Are there any other questions, side effects, or problems that might mean people may never have thought that Invisalign clear braces were the answer? In this article, we will try to answer these questions briefly.

Are invisible braces as effective as traditional braces?

This is obviously an important question. And the answer might surprise you. Because in addition to clear braces that cannot provide the effect that traditional braces can provide. The truth is that orthodontics produces better results almost always. for a pre-defined period of time using computer technology virtual plan and 3D modeling. Transparent braces achieve tooth alignment by gradually Pushing the teeth into the desired position.

Normal braces are installed and adjusted mainly based on professional instinct and guesswork. This means that the precise results are not known in advance, with Invisalign clear aligners not only at the end of the course. but also includes every two weeks throughout the period of wearing braces so that the patient can accurately determine the appearance of the teeth

Do Invisalign braces take longer than standard braces?

Metal braces or braces generally take 2-4 years to complete orthodontic treatment. Obviously, this is a long-term process. And the time it takes is often the reason people stop treatment altogether. Obviously, in terms of time, other options have their advantages and invisible braces will surely provide.

In many cases, Invisalign clear braces only last a few months. Usually, even the most severe cases can be done within 18 months. This is one of the main reasons people choose this option. Because the advantages of having your braces in a short time are just as obvious. with braces that look difficult

Are there any side effects or problems with wearing clear braces?

Of course, there are no side effects that can be a problem with braces. It is often found that braces can discolor teeth. And braces can attach to the gums, causing wounds and ulcers. Because the braces cannot be removed. Oral hygiene is often a problem.

Transparent or invisible braces slide over the teeth. It is similar to a very thin gum protection sheet. which is made of the only transparent plastic that is almost invisible This means there is no risk of irritation or discoloration. And because Invisalign clear aligners can be removed at any time. Oral hygiene is as simple as eating peanut butter or sesame bread Fixed orthodontic braces are not recommended.

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