How to Change Lock Screen Clock in your Android 12 Smartphone

Android 12 – At the point when you handicap this choice, your Pixel telephone’s presentation will be wound down completely when you lock it with the Power button. 

Technique #1: Turn on Android’s screen saver 


One option in contrast to utilizing a lock screen clock is empowering a screensaver on your Pixel telephone. Notwithstanding, not at all like your ordinary Lock Screen, the drawback to this choice is that you should turn on the screen saver each time you need to see it except if your telephone is connected for a charge. On Android 12, the screensaver clock takes up motivation from Material You with a bit like shape. 


To empower this screensaver, open the Clock application on your Pixel gadget, tap on the 3-specks symbol at the upper right corner, and select the ‘Screensaver’ choice. 


The screensaver will currently appear on the screen. Assuming you need to design the manner in which this clock looks, you can go to Settings > Display > Screen saver and pick when you need the clock to appear, switch among simple and advanced clocks, and empower Night mode (for a diminished down show). 


Technique #2: Enable Persistent Notifications for applications 


Android 12’s most unmistakable plan angle is to make each component on your Tecno pop 2F phone look greater than it recently was. Notwithstanding, it’s unrealistic to not get to your forthcoming notices for longer timeframes. Yet, assuming you need the contracted down style of the clock to show up consistently, there’s a method for doing that – by empowering industrious notices for one of your applications. 


Relentless or progressing notices are those alarms that stay forever on your Notifications conceal, Lock Screen, and surprisingly on the Always-On Display. These cautions show up for longer spans than different notices and demonstrate that an application is running a frontal area administration behind the scenes. Since diligent notices are non-dismissible, they’ll appear in the Notifications shade and Lock Screen of your Android 12 gadget consistently, however long the application is running. 


While they might be irritating for a few, you can utilize diligent notices to show a more modest clock on the lock screen and AOD. Thus, you can stay away from the gigantic clock that you’d in any case see when there are no forthcoming warnings on your telephone. Since there’s no local method for seeing non-dismissible alarms for an application on Android 12, you should search for applications that offer steady notices. 


For the most part, climate applications accessible on the Google Play Store are the most ideal method for keeping industrious warnings on your telephone. Some applications that offer non-dismissible warnings are The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, Yahoo Weather. Since these are climate applications, warnings that stay dynamic are helpful and stay refreshed consistently. Check out the Tecno pova price online.


In any of these applications, you can empower non-dismissible by going to its Settings > Notifications and searching for a choice that says “industrious” or “progressing”. From that point, you can arrange the manner in which these cautions are shown on your lock screen and consistently on screen. 


There are likewise some other applications that offer non-dismissible cautions like this Persistent Notifications application that you can likewise use to recoil Android 12 enormous clock to a more modest size. In the event that you actually look at the application’s audits, you’ll find remarks from a few clients who uncover that the application assisted them with staying away from the enormous clock while offering a method for seeing your updates and daily agendas. 


Strategy #3: Change AOD clock size utilizing Tasker [Only for prepaid users] 


If you don’t care for the previously mentioned choices to change your Lock Screen or AOD clock, there’s another way you can alter the manner in which you see the time on your telephone’s screen.


The cycle includes utilizing the Tasker application that is known to give clients different mechanized errands and custom Tasker projects. Made by Tasker engineer João Dias, the two ventures let you apply two distinctive clock designs on the Always-On Display. 


The actual designs aren’t modified however rather are the ones that Google offers to Pixel clients on Android 12. One of the formats shows the current time in huge size consistently, aside from when there’s a forthcoming notice.


At the point when you have uninitiated notices on your Pixel, Android 12 will change to a more modest clock and show you symbols of applications you have alarms from. Of course, Android 12 switches between an enormous and little clock contingent upon whether or not you have unopened warnings.

With the new Tasker projects

Huge Clock Force and Huge Clock Avoider, you can empower the enormous clock and little clock individually and the chosen clock format will stay dynamic paying little mind to any conditions. While your choices are restricted, the Tasker projects do offer you command over which clock design is applied on your AOD screen. 


To change your AOD clock design on Android 12 utilizing this technique, you want to download:


You can apply the Tasker profiles by going to the above joins from your Android 12 gadget, then, at that point, select ‘Import’ and affirm again to add them to your Tasker application. At the point when the profiles are added to Tasker, you can choose your favored clock design by tapping on the important profile inside ‘Profiles’ and afterward empowering the switches inside to apply it. 


Thus, your favored clock design will remain empowered just as you debilitate it or decide on one more profile inside Tasker.

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