Ladakh offers wonderful and exciting treks to its visitors. Ladakh is heaven for travellers and mountain lovers. Ladakh offers a list of treks where everyone wants to go. Ladakh is a place that remains on almost every traveller’s bucket list. Ladakh has a unique culture, unique mountains, landscape, cold desert, massive glaciers, rivers, and lakes which offers ample opportunities to travellers and trekkers for rafting and trekking. 

Planning for a trek in Ladakh is exciting as well as challenging at the same time. The question comes to mind: what to do? Where to go? And when to do the treks to get the best of the experience. There are a number of joyful and exciting activities to do in Ladakh.  

Here we will talk about the most exciting treks in Ladakh that could give the best trek experience to adventure enthusiasts. 



Stok Kangri trek is one of the favorite treks among the trekkers. Stok Kangri Trek is the highest trek in Europe. Stok Kangri trek is not a simple trek, it’s a trek where experienced trekkers can check their fitness level. If you are looking to trek the most challenging and adventurous treks in Ladakh the Stok kangri will give you the best climb experience with incredible views of the surroundings. Stok Kangri Trek is for those who can cross the 6000 m barrier because the altitude is at 6163 m to reach the summit. 


Stok kangri is tough and hard to climb but once you reach the summit you will realize it is worth doing it. Even though the climb is not technical, mountaineering gear such as crampons, ax, ropes, etc would be required to climb the mountain. Stok kangri trek is not for beginners who are attempting the trek for the first time but for experienced and suited mountaineers who are experts in climbing. 


Best time to visit – Summertime during the month of June to September

Difficulty level- Moderate to Difficult



The Markha valley trek is one of the most popular adventurous and most picked treks in Ladakh. During this trek, you will witness breathtaking mountain scenery, small villages, and wild animals. You could stay in these villages and discover the way of life of the local people living there. If you are planning to do the Markha valley trek then it is recommended to do it in winter’s time. Markha valley will give a beautiful journey with cold and dark but absolutely pretty Markha valley with colourful prayer flags, main walls, monasteries, and exotic wildlife. Markha valley is situated at the altitude of 5260m. 

Markha valley trek is a 7-8 days trek depending on the starting point. Starting this trek from Spituk is the longest option, it crosses Ganda La and Kngmaru La and this trek end at Hemis national park. 


Best time to visit – Winters during the month of October and February

Difficulty level- Moderate to difficult. 



Sham valley trek is also known as Baby Trek in Ladakh due to this trek going through the Sham region. Sham valley trek will give the best trek experience in Ladakh because you have an option to extend this trek to 5-6 days by discovering the villages and everyday life of Ladakhis. Sham valley trek is a short trek of only 3 days that does not go more than 4000m and it can be done throughout the year. The peak will reach 3874 m.   

  If you want to explore the history of Ladakh then the Sham Valley trek would be recommended. Although the sham valley is a short trek you will certainly break a sweat still the basic fitness is required to attempt this trek. 



Best time to visit – Winters during the month of October and February

Difficulty level- Easy to moderate. 



Chadar trek is one of the famous treks in Ladakh. Chadar trek will let you walk on a frozen river named Zanskar with an extreme temperature of -30 degrees celsius. If you wish to trek Chadar trek it will mesmerize you with its Landscape beauty. Ladakh has changed the definition of road trips for travellers. People from India, even from all over the world want to fulfil their desire to explore the beauty of Ladakh. 

Chadar trek is all about survival and persistence. If you want to learn to survive in the harsh terrains minus zero temperature and the way of living of Ladakhis, This chadar trek will offer you the best of your memories at the altitude of 11150m. 


Chadar treks across a dramatic gorge with a waterfall of the Zanskar river. That river freezes during the peak winters and it seems like a white sheet of ice that forms over the river Zanskar river. Chadar Means blanket and represents the white ice chadar during the winters. For centuries, this frozen river has been used by the locals for trade and transportation. Chadar trek is considered as one of the unique Himalayan treks and it has no comparison in the entire world.   


Best time to visit – Peak Winters during the month of January and February

Difficulty level- Moderate to Difficult.




Trekking in Ladakh and walking in desert mountains are every hiker’s dreams. Ladakh trek always gives the best experience. Ladakh has a landscape, a myriad of beautiful nature, sand dunes, freezing wind, and glaciers. Which is enough to give you the best of your trek experience. 

The above places would offer the best trek experience. Make sure to pick these treks to sort out the list of your Ladakh treks. 


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