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Ghostwriters Avenue dot com

Welcome to the USA’s leading ghostwriting company that offers comprehensive writing solutions. An institute of native writers who provide topflight works for both fiction and non-fiction genres.


Los Angeles, CA: Ghostwriters Avenue was a native writers’ platform established ten years ago. Before that, it was a team of humble writers looking to expand their reach in their town. But who knew they would grow like leaps and bounds. GA platform was the result of their leap of faith. It offers excellent ghostwriting services to clients from all across the world.

Additionally, Ghostwriters Avenue is commended by both the local and international community to assist striving writers. The native writing effects are surreal that cross the borders of the United States. Over the years, the GA platform has published countless eBooks, produced skillful writers, and engaged readers into bestselling masterpieces.


Our privileged clientele and their countersigns:

Over the years, Ghostwriters Avenue has become an emblematic brand for first-class ghostwriting services. Our global customers and international brands are the most significant proof of our business credibility. We cherish every client as our family member. Diligent writers in the house have offered their skills for big names like Forbes, NBC, Esquire, BBC, The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times.


Ghostwriters Avenue offers award-winning ghostwriting services to finish your rough-and-ready manuscripts with impeccable impressions:

  • Editing & Proofreading.


  1. Ghostwriting:

Ghostwriters Avenue platform offers superb ghostwriting services to its clients. No stone is unturned when it comes to attracting clients and readers to your online platform. We create attention-grabbing write-ups for your eBooks, websites, blogs, articles, magazines, e-papers, Press Release(s), product descriptions, and whatnot.


Furthermore, GA specialist writers create astonishing pieces beyond your expectations. Besides, offer sweeping services for producing books and eBooks of all genres in the world. We cover self-help books, children’s books, Action & Adventure, business books, cookbooks, Western, Biographies, Western, Historical, Satire, and Drama. You say it, and GA novelists will do it for you.


  1. Editing & Proofreading:

The Ghostwriters Avenue agency is known for its meticulous editors and proficient proofreaders. We provide excellent writing services by churning the final works through a conclusive funnel of editing and correcting. It is followed by eagled-eyed proofreading. Hence, producing faultless high-quality results for our loyal clients.


Ghostwriters Avenue offers seamless book editing and proofreading services. The list of amenities includes book content monitoring, theme-centric content, suitable usage of words and phrases, and multiple corrections scrutinizes.


  1. Publishing:

Ghostwriters Avenue also offers publication services for professional authors and amateur writers. AS well, provide book publishing services to beginners who have the knack to become famous novelists in the future. Our hassle-free book publishing is far better than intricate traditional publishers and spendthrift vanity press. Enjoy easygoing book publishing services with a single push of a button. The GA line-up of writers, editors, and publishers collaborate to create magical works out of your rough writings.


  1. Marketing:

Ghostwriters Avenue also offers top-drawer marketing services for your eBooks and paperbacks. Now you can buy different book bundles that work wonders. Grab Discounted Bundles, Selected Solutions, and all-inclusive marketing solutions at astonishingly affordable prices.


 About Us:

Ghostwriters Avenue is the writers’ hub in LA, working actively for the last ten years. It is also regarded as a digital haven for American writers. Subsequently, it ranks among the top-listers of ghostwriting in the USA agencies. Specialist writers under the GA roof offer across-the-board writing services ranging from ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, publishing, and promotional services.

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