The Electronic Business Cards have become the Direct Messages of the Business World these Days

The digital business card was already taking the world by storm a few years ago, and the worldwide pandemic has only aided in its popularity. Being entirely contactless is one of the best features of a digital card, which eliminates the spread of germs and diseases. Hence, these cards are perfect for a time when such a contagious disease is disrupting life. The same logic will remain valid for any other time as well. Therefore, the growth and spread of digitized versions of business cards have been pretty natural. Now is the time to delve deeper and better grasp the implication of business card electronic, which has become equivalent to direct messages in the business world.

The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Digital Business Card

COVID-19 is vital for influencing professionals to change their ways from in-person interactions to virtual networking measures. Therefore, it is only logical that some of the practices of both methods will be combined. For instance, after a virtual interaction and networking session, which usually happens on social media, people send DMs or direct messages to remain in touch. These DMs work as little reminders and a contact list that allows you to search for the intended person and contact them conveniently. The process is indeed beneficial in saving time and effort while helping the individuals and their careers.

Networking and Keeping in Touch with People Afterward

Networking is essential for a business. One of the most significant aspects of the process is to remain in touch. For that purpose, you need to have regular contact with the person in question. It can happen through either messages or virtual sessions of discussing and exchanging ideas and more. Despite the method appearing simple enough, there are several complications that you cannot anticipate. For instance, one of the biggest issues will be finding the person you wish to talk to. Checking your DMs and finding the person is the solution that seems easy enough but is not.

Some Real issues you have to Face on Social Media Interactions

People who are regularly active on social media platforms tend to change their names and handles frequently. Hence, if you are not in regular touch with a person, finding them again on social media can be challenging. The additional issues you will face in finding the intended profile are not knowing the exact spelling of their name, the placement and use of special characters, and such. In addition, if the networking and interaction have happened in real life, then remembering them and finding them again on social media will be more challenging.

Digital Business card is the Solution to this Problem

The use of digital business cards will solve all these issues and conveniently. If you have an electronic business card ready, then once the interaction is over, you can send this card to the people you wish to contact later and ask for their contact details. There won’t be any need to hunt possible areas, electronic and otherwise, to find the person. The chance of losing the information will be less as well. From this simple and intelligent solution to the issue, it is pretty evident that the business professionals are in luck, as they can share the necessary personal and business details on the spot.

Noticing the Differences and Convenience

Usually, a digital business card may not even have the shape and look of a business card from the outset. When shared, the business card goes to another person in the form of a link, and the interested person needs to click on the link to download the card. Once downloaded, the card may look like a traditional business card or give off a different and unique vibe. In short, the digital version of a business card combines the best features of both worlds. Due to the popularity and influence of social media, it may seem that business cards have become obsolete, but that is not true.

The Importance of Business Cards is Still Pretty Strong

Hence, business cards have retained their importance, and they will remain the same way for the coming years too. The item is handy, and it offers a convenient compilation of all necessary information in one place. The digitized version is designed to continue the same practice with an added layer of convenience, which makes life easier for the user of these cards. A study conducted by the Statistic Brain Research Institute shows that 72% of people judge a business or individual based on their business card. 39% of the people avoid doing business with a company or individual who offers a cheap-looking business card.

The Benefits of Switching to the Digital Version of a Business Card

A digital business card is perfect for creating and maintaining the image of an environment-friendly company. Adding other features such as convenience, a streamlined approach, and a sleek look make the digital business card perfect for any professional and business. Yes, there is a need to select the right design, color scheme, logo, content, and such elements for maximum impact, but the item in question is pretty practical. With the convenience of easy editing, if you wish, it is possible to change the look and design of your digital business card based on the intended recipient. So you won’t have to spend much money on that.

The Shortcomings of DMs

Direct message facility is considered unprofessional in various industries. There is a need for formality, etiquette, and decorum in certain business and professional interaction aspects. DM is common enough these days, but it is also considered unreliable and utterly unprofessional by people, especially those serious about their profession and networking. When dealing with these people, you have to be professional; otherwise, you will lose these connections.

Making a Wise Choice in a Mature Manner

In such a situation, digital business cards will prove to be the best choice. They are sleek and convenient for sending a direct message. The link can be shared via social media, instant messaging apps, and even regular messaging services. Furthermore, they look and feel professional enough that most traditional people won’t have many issues with their use. Moreover, with help from a competent and experienced professional, you can create a digital business card with all the necessary features and impressive to influence the intended recipient positively.



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